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Computerized Imprinting System


Computerized Imprinting System

The Foil Xpress is the best solution for

imprinting albums and accessories.  Unlike

most typesetting imprinters, The Foil Xpress is

not limited to whatever size type and font you own. 

Instead, The Foil Xpress can imprint any computer

loadable font or logo, which saves time and money.

Imprinting service of up to 2.24" x 8".


New Auto Position Option available for the Foil Xpress. Now the horizontal and vertical positions are computerized. This option accurately does multiple passes for product that needs more than the 2.25” x 10” working space. New printing area on the Auto Position Option is 8” x 10”. This option must be requested at time of purchasing Foil Xpress.






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