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Below are general descriptions of our albums supplies. For more information and pricing, please contact us at 636-970-0540 or info@midwestphotographic.com for a password for full access. You must include a contact name, business name, phone number, and address.

Aurora Covers


The front and back pieces come in seven leatherettes, one genuine leather and five different styles. The spines and window frames come in nine leatherettes, one genuine leather and spines can be stitched or non-stitched. With all these combinations and the window frame’s ability to float anywhere, there are nearly endless possibilities but very little inventory.

The Aurora Cover is the nicest three piece cover available and offers you a quality and custom look in a short period of time. The cover has pleated corners instead of cheaply folded, made with masonite board so not to warp, and are padded for a soft feel. We can ship out the materials to you next day, small orders can go out the same day! We can also imprint the covers for $5 per line if you do not have the capability.

Diamond Covers


Standard covers come in Black, Brown, Light Blue, Pink, Red, and White. We also have four different styles of acrylic covers. One acrylic cover has a patent for the ease of popping out the acrylic and laying the print in. Mounts in seconds and no mistakes. All our covers are pre-made by hand and then stored in Saint Louis, Missouri. Each one comes with a black presentation box. We can ship out the materials to you next day, small orders can go out the same day! We can also imprint the covers for $5 per line if you do not have the capability.

Album Boxes and Bags


The Deluxe Album Case and Acrylic Album Case are made with very sturdy masonite board and beautifully wrapped leatherette. There is also a ribbon for easy removal of the album and a magnetic button in the flap to keep the box closed. Or for something unique and stylish, try our Designer Album Bag. Made from faux ostrich leather. Fits almost any album with dimensions 13"x4"x16".

Acrylic Proof Box


The only acrylic proof box on the market. Photographers can make an extraordinary impression when delivering their photographs in something personable as well as beautiful. It is very easy to mount the display photo to our patented acrylic system. The 4x6 and 5x7 Acrylic Print Boxes come in three sizes which hold 150, 300 or 450 prints.

Flush Mount Pages and Supplies


We supply album pages, binding tape, tape for album spreads, tape to mount prints to acrylic, headband, glue, etc. Our flush mount album pages are made from a special plastic which prevents them from warping. Pages made from paper warp from the moisture being extracted in dry climates or moisture being absorbed in wet climates. The pages have a special adhesive already on them that forms a permanent bond to the prints after the album is pressed for a few minutes, no heating needed.

Perfect Page - Layflat Press Printed Pages


Let your images tell a continuous story with Pefect Page, layflat photo pages. Perfect Page's advanced technology employs a laminated hinge that results in a completely flat, unobstructed, panoramic spread. The superior toner adhesion and brightness of Perfect Page paper provides exceptional printability to meet the tough standards set by RIT Print Lab resulting in exceptional quality at a superb price. Our unbeatable prices make Perfect Page the best solution for a variety of printing applications.

Contact us at info@midwestphotographic.com for pricing. Please include your business name, phone number and address.